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Free HVAC & GSHP Programs

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This suite of simplified HVAC software has been developed by the instructor and students of the HVAC and Energy Conservation courses at The University of Alabama. It attempts to follow basic ASHRAE calculation procedures. The programs are provided at no cost to the public. We welcome comments and suggestions.

·         E-PipeAlator15 is a program for designing water distribution systems and computing losses.  Program handles water and water-glycol mixtures, (temperature corrected) in steel, cast iron, polyethylene, PVC and copper (a new feature) piping.  Equivalent lengths for common fittings automatically entered.  Heat exchanger, valve, and flow control valve losses also considered.  New GSHP piping example calculations and figures have been added. Instructions: Using E-Pipelator

·        PsychProcess09 is a program for computing the properties (enthalpy, specific volume, humidity ratio, relative humidity, specific heat, and dew point).  It also calculates resulting properties for air mixing, cooling, and heat recovery. Total, sensible, and latent capacities computed for cooling and heat recovery processes.

·      UnitsConverter14 - A spreadsheet to convert a wide variety of units from English (IP) to International (SI) and SI to IP.  The program contains many weird (but useful) units specific to HVAC and GSHPs (i.e. kW/ton, EER, gpm/ton, cfm/ton, fins per inch, ft/ton etc.).

·         WAHPCorrector15 - A Program to correct the performance of Water-to-Air heat pumps for water loop temperatures, return air dry & wet bulb temperatures, air flow rates, indoor fan & motor types, air filter and duct losses, and pump power.

·         BoreResistIP-SI14  - A Program to estimate the thermal resistance of vertical ground heat exchangers for various pipe materials, arrangements, and grout/fill conductivity.

·        GroundTemp&ResIP-SI14 - A Program to calculate ground temperature at various depths, soil properties and time of the year.  The program also estimates the heat transfer to/from horizontal pipes of various diameters and materials.

·         HVACPowDen08a.xls is a program for quickly estimating the required capacity and electrical demand of cooling and heating equipment for 30 different building types in the 10 US climate zones.  Results are expressed in cooling tons, Btu/hr-ft2, total kW demand, and W/ft2.  Program is now integrated with HVACSysEff.xls. Developed as part of an EPA-sponsored Energy Star Buildings project.

·         HVACPowDenInstructions



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