Pricing/Ordering Information for GSHPCalc 5.0 Software

The cost to purchase the first copy of our GSHPCalc software is $400.00.  This price includes having one user on one computer.  If you need this software on more than one computer for yourself or other users, you can purchase up to 4 more site licenses for the additional cost of $120.00 per site.  So for example, if you wanted to purchase our software for yourself and two other people at the same company, the cost would be $640.00

If you have purchased any GchpCalc 4.x version of our software, the cost of an upgrade to one user is $200.00.  To verify that you have purchased an earlier version you would need to provide us the company name and user name, address, and approximate date of purchase so we can verify it with our records.  If you have purchased additional site licenses with your purchase of any GchpCalc 4.x version, the cost to upgrade additional site licenses will be $60.00 for each site (up to 4).  If you did not purchase any or enough additional site licenses, the cost to add additional sites to an upgrade will be $120.00 each.

Our payment options with this form are either by check or money order.  Click here if you wish to order by credit card/PayPal

To order GSHPCalc you will need to do the following:

  1. Complete the order form below by typing directly on the form. It is very important that we get the email addresses correct.  

  2. After completing the order form, print a copy using your browser’s Print function.

  3. Mail or overnight a copy of the order form with a check or money order to the address below. If you use an overnight service, do not request a signature:

Energy Information Services

Attention: Steve Kavanaugh

16856 Fulmar Lane

Northport, AL 35475

 For faster processing of GSHPCalc orders payable by check or money order, you can do the following

  1. Print out the instructions on how to download and register the GSHPCalc software at this link

  2. Follow the registration instructions and email the Program and Machine ID numbers.

  3. In the subject line of the email, type “GSHPCalc Software Order in the mail”.

  4. Along with the Program and Machine ID numbers, include the company name, contact information, and the date the order form was sent.

  5. When we receive your order form, payment, and email with the Registration and Machine ID, we will create a Registration ID code that will make the demo version of our GSHPCalc software fully functional.

*The cost of our software does not include technical assistance.

Please consult the instruction manual available online.

Order form for GSHPCalc 5.0 Software

Top of Form

Company Name:
Mailing address:  



Phone:   (    /     Fax:   (          

Names and email addresses of persons licensed to use this software:

Original Name:    Email:

Site #1 Name:     Email:

Site #2 Name:     Email:

Site #3 Name:     Email:

Site #4 Name:     Email:


Number of copies of the GSHPCalc software

X  $400.00  =


  •  Number of additional site users:        

X  $120.00  =


Number of upgrade copies of GSHPCalc:

X  $200.00  =


  •  Number of additional upgrade site users previously 
    purchased with any 4.x GchpCalc version

X  $60.00  =


  •  Number of additional site users not previously
    purchased with GchpCalc 4.x version

X  $120.00  =


Heat pump performance files for water-to-water heat pumps

X  $50.00  =






Orders outside the U.S. add $10.00 check processing fee




Total cost of order:


The following information needs to be completed to qualify for the upgrade price:




Date 4.x version was purchased:                      



Person/Company originally registered to:


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