Other ASHRAE Journal Articles

         Ground-Coupled Heat Pumps for Commercial Buildings (September 1992)


         Water Loop Design for Ground-Coupled Heat Pumps (May 1996)


         Ground Source Heat Pumps: Simple, Efficient, Reliable (October 1998)


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         Limitations of SEER for Measuring Efficiency (July 2002)


         Estimating Demand and Efficiency (July 2003)


         Psychrometric Spreadsheet (January 2006)


         HVAC Power Density (December 2006)


         Big Fans, Big Pumps Equals Big Energy (October 2009)


         GSHPs: Simple is Better (November 2009)


         Dual-Capacity Heat Pumps (April 2010)


         Ground Heat Exchangers: Determining Thermal Resistance (August 2010)


         Less Pumping Means Cooler Ground Loops (July 2011)


         Backward-Curved Fans (May 2012)


         Ground Source Heat Pumps in Texas School District (October 2014)


         A Simple Approach to Affordable GSHPs



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